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Security Consulting | Paladion Cyber Security Experts

Security Consulting

  • Cyber Security Strategy / Roadmap
  • Enterprise Security Metrics / Dashboards
  • Compliance
  • PKI / EKCM
  • Solution Integration

Paladion Solves Cyber Security Challenges

Paladion’s Security Consulting Practice works with our clients to align investments and resources in information security to the goals of the organization and takes into account the changing threat landscape. Almost every organization, regardless of its size and maturity, has a number of basic and well understood security controls in place. What seems to be constant in every environment is that:

  • Very limited technical resources are available for information protection
  • Complex and sophisticated attacks are increasingly fully credentialed
  • IT is rapidly adopting new technologies such as software as a service, mobile users, personal devices, DevOps etc., each of which introduces additional vulnerabilities
  • As an officer responsible for the information security function within your organization, you can use Paladion to help you with develop a security program and assist you with the selection, design and implementation of controls.
  • Our operational experience as a Managed Services provider will serve you well when strategizing, architecting and designing cyber solutions.

Cyber Security Strategy & Roadmap

Developing and following an effective strategy is well accepted and implemented to drive growth and performance for the organization. However, when it comes to Information Security, many organizations are adopting a tactical approach based on lowest cost options.

Organizations are also recognizing that implementing the latest best of breed security technology for the latest attack vectors can be an expensive proposition. Therefore, rather than adding another point solution, choices have to be made that work together strategically to meet business problems.

Paladion believes that every organization must have a security program that takes into account:

  • Business Goals
  • IT strategy (SaaS, Dev Ops, Agile, outsourced)
  • Compliance requirements
  • Current state and challenges in cybersecurity
  • In short, we bring our collective experience to help you build an agile cybersecurity program that works for your business and keeps up with changing demands.

Paladion will work with you to create a roadmap of security initiatives that: cover people, process and technology; includes the foundational building blocks of your program; stays constant over time and introduces self-evaluative controls that provide feedback for positive change.

Enterprise Security Metrics / Dashboards

We’ll help you measure the things that are important to your company

  • How you measure the performance and effectiveness of the efforts invested in cybersecurity
  • How do you determine if the investment in a control is meeting its intended or planned goals and objectives?
  • Are security efforts bringing down your enterprise risk to acceptable levels?
  • Paladion can work with you to develop a framework to measure the performance of your controls.
  • Like all business initiatives, measuring and reporting performance is an important requirement. Paladion can assist you with building an Enterprise Security Metrics measurement program to track the performance of the program over time.


Most industries are subject to regulatory or legal compliance requirements because of the nature of the data that they work with. However, companies are challenged with interpreting the requirements accurately and implementing controls to adequately demonstrate compliance.

Paladion can assist with understanding and meeting your compliance requirements to the following:

  • PCI DSS – We have engaged with many organizations to assist them with their PCI compliance journey. One of the key strategies that we pursue is reducing the cost of compliance and minimizing the presence of sensitive data that requires extensive risk management.
  • ISO 27001 – With our Operations centers being ISO 27001 certified, we are intimately familiar with the requirements and the challenges of compliance. We can partner with you to design and Implement the Information Security Management System that meets the requirements of the standard.
  • OSFI – Financial Institutions are currently working towards assessing their cyber security resilience according to OSFI’s guidance. We have worked with a number of organizations that have attested to the benefits of having worked with us on the assessment and subsequent implementation of key cyber security controls
    Legislated requirements for the protection of privacy
  • GOVERNANCE requires organizations to carry out comprehensive assessments on the environment and on any solution / system that will be introduced to the enterprise. Paladion assists organizations to carry out Threat Risk Assessments to meet this need.

In addition to carrying out one off Threat Risk Assessments, Paladion firmly believes that all assessments must be carried out in the context of an enterprise wide risk management framework.


Everyone recognizes the benefits of digital certificates and keys in protecting data and establishing identity. Increasing risk profiles have driven organizations to widely use encryption techniques such as TLS, SSH, etc for a number of applications such as protecting data in transit, authenticating servers, establishing identity when connecting to networks, etc.

However, implementing the right Public Key Infrastructure for your enterprise has been a challenge because of the complexity in designing, and implementing PKI. You may even be incurring a higher cost as a result of sourcing all certificates from an external certificate authority.

  • Paladion helps our clients implement PKI – we will understand your need for certificates, the volume involved and recommend a PKI strategy.
  • We will then design and implement a Certificate Authority hierarchy for your environment taking into account the organization’s strategy, current capability and operating style and recommend in house or managed options for your internal CA.
  • In addition to the PKI that will enable the users to enroll for certificates, we will also assist organizations with the management of keys and certificates throughout their lifecycle. This will involve architecting and deploying solutions that will integrate with your PKI and technology components such as applications to manage the enrollment and deployment of certificates in a secure, controlled and validated manner.

Solution Integration

Integration Services – SIEM and Firewall Technologies

While product skills and expertise are an important success criterion for integration, Paladion firmly believes that the technology capabilities must map to desired outcomes that are aligned to your business needs. We bring a strong combination of in-depth domain expertise and years of experience of implementing commercial off-the-shelf software to solution integration. We draw from our operational experience in supporting our Managed Service clients and are able to consider implementation and operational challenges in the integration process.

Based on your requirements, Paladion will work with you and evaluate and design extensions/ customizations to the solution. We take into account, the ease of developing these extensions, your ability and/or intent to maintain it operationally and also the cost/benefits involved.

SIEM Technologies

Paladion has extensive experience in implementing SIEM technologies. In addition, Paladion has developed a SIEM implementation methodology that draws heavily from successes, challenges and issues faced in our Security Operations Centers.

A fundamental pillar of all Paladion SIEM implementations is a threat and risk profiling of your environment. This allows us to integrate the required log data with the desired frequency and build visibility on threats that are most important.

Paladion also believes that SIEM technologies must allow an organization to provide insights on activity and behaviours that could potentially indicate anomalous or malicious activity. Hence SIEM technology implementations must take into account collection, storage and retrieval of data to support such analysis and investigation.

While organizations deploy different technologies to address varied needs such as vulnerability management, threat detection, intrusion prevention, asset management, etc, the SIEM solution provides the ability to integrate data from all devices. While this is currently leveraged for correlation, it can also be used as the source of truth of Enterprise Risk Dashboards. Paladion has assisted organizations in developing Executive level and Operational level dashboards on their SIEM platform.

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