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Venafi is the Immune System for the Internet™ that protects the foundation of all cybersecurity—keys and certificates—so they can’t be misused by bad guys in attacks. Venafi constantly assesses which keys and certificates are trusted, protects those that should be trusted, and fixes or blocks those that are not.


Fidelis protects the world’s most sensitive data by identifying and removing attackers no matter where they are hiding on your network and endpoints. Fidelis goes deeper on your network and marches out to your endpoints. Every direction is essential because the devil is in the details…literally. With Fidelis, you’ll know when you are being attacked, you can retrace attackers’ footsteps and freeze them in their tracks. They accomplish this with Bytes and Brains. Bytes come from their Fidelis Network and Fidelis Endpoint products, which hunt and halt attackers at each stage of the attack. Brains come from their incident response and consulting services that respond to advanced threats and deliver what they learn back to their products.

Paladion leverages the Fidelis Network and Fidelis Endpoint suite of products to provide a “forensic ready” environment to hunt down threats against your enterprise in real-time.


Splunk Enterprise makes it simple to collect, analyze and act upon the untapped value of the big data generated by your technology infrastructure, security systems and business applications—giving you the insights to drive operational performance and business results. By monitoring and analyzing everything from customer clickstreams and transactions to security events and network activity, Splunk Enterprise helps you gain valuable Operational Intelligence from your machine-generated data. And with a full range of powerful search, visualization and pre-packaged content for use-cases, any user can quickly discover and share insights. Just point your raw data at Splunk Enterprise and start analyzing your world.

Paladion helps Splunk users manage and mitigate security breaches in order to protect their company’s security posture.


HydrantID provides digital identity and advanced authentication services to help organizations secure data and systems as well as e-commerce transactions. Their cloud based services provide the critical security necessary for the authentication and secure communications between machines, network and mobile devices, virtual servers and the internet of things. They help their customers achieve security best practices while reducing operating costs and complexity with one simple subscription fee. The benefits are dramatically enhanced security and operational efficiency as well as significantly reduced costs related to SSL, internal PKI operations and multi-factor authentication.


The HP ArcSight Security Intelligence platform helps safeguard your business by giving you complete visibility into activity across the IT infrastructure-including external threats such as malware and hackers, internal threats such as data breaches and fraud, risks from application flaws and configuration changes, and compliance pressures from failed audits. This industry-leading security information and event management (SIEM) solution enables you to collect, analyze, and assess IT security, enterprise security and non-security events for rapid identification, prioritization and response.

Palo Alto

As the next-generation security company, they are leading a new era in cybersecurity by safely enabling all applications and preventing advanced threats from achieving their objectives for tens of thousands of organizations around the world. They are one of the fastest growing security companies in the market because of their deep expertise, commitment to innovation, and game-changing security platform focused on bringing an end to the era of breaches by uniquely integrating their Next-Generation Firewall, Advanced Endpoint Protection, and Threat Intelligence Cloud.

Because these capabilities are natively built into their platform and designed to deliver highly automated preventative measures against cyberthreats, they ensure superior security to legacy point technologies such as stateful inspection firewalls, UTMs, or endpoint security products. With their platform, organizations can confidently pursue a digital-first strategy as they implement key technology initiatives within the cloud and increasingly mobile networks, while maintaining complete visibility and control, to protect their most valued data assets and critical control systems.


LogRhythm detects and alerts on threats with real-time Network Monitoring. When your network is being threatened, time is of the essence. Cyber-threats are often first observed within the network itself. The key to rapid detection and response is full network visibility. Where other options only provide limited visibility, Network Monitor observes, collects and analyzes all network packet and session data, providing you with rich insights within one intuitive interface. They rapidly recognize and respond to the addition of potential vulnerabilities introduced by new services. They detect protocol misuse attempting to hide malicious activities. They monitor application and bandwidth utilization. Their Network Monitor helps you detect and respond to advanced threats. LogRhythm’s security intelligence and analytics platform enables organizations to detect, prioritize and neutralize cyber threats that penetrate the perimeter or originate from within.

This is one solution available to Paladion’s clients to meet their SIEM requirements.

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