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Managed Security | Paladion Cyber Security Experts

Managed Security

  • Integrated SOC Management
  • Online Brand Protection
  • Security Intelligence

Integrated SOC Management

Security threats can be triggered from the most unexpected sources. It is critical to detect and prevent such security incidents by monitoring, assessing, and defending enterprise information systems. Paladion offers 24/7 Cyber Security Monitoring services from it’s SOC2 and ISO Compliant Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC) located in Ontario, Canada.

Our state of the art CSOC protects enterprise and mid-size clients against cyber security breaches. We deliver superior security outcomes through our rigorous process driven security monitoring methodologies.


  • Over 9 years of expertise in defending our customers
  • Built around your business to ensure optimum coverage
  • Backed by Cyber Threat Intelligence and Digital Forensics teams
  • Works as an extension of your team – 24/7

Why Choose Paladion

  • Transparent & Collaborative
  • Always on – powered by the very best tools and trained resources
  • Driven by Analytics & Data Scientists
  • Cyber Security Intelligence designed & delivered for C level decision support

Come visit our CSOC in Oakville, Ontario and learn more about
how we excel at defending our customers!

Canadian Cyber Security Operations Center

Online Brand Protection

For those organizations concerned about the online risks faced, Paladion provides a complete package of online threat protection, detection, and monitoring within the entire internet network and mitigate the risks from illegal and fraudulent online activities.

Paladion provides service designed to protect an organization’s brand image and reputation online, through the combination of detection, notification and response services.

Security Intelligence

Intelligence is the key to protect information. Information that is real-time can help you to identify threats even before they happen, empowering you to keep your information safe and sound.

It is easy for any organization to be blindsided by an attacker due to inadequate information on the environment and the current threat landscape. To prevent security incidents in organizations from going undetected, Paladion provides services designed to research, gather, curate, analyze and publish advisories on the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

Threat & Vulnerability Intelligence

Threat and Vulnerability Intelligence can be co-related and presented for your organization.
Vulnerabilities affecting your organization’s assets are highlighted.  Detailed analysis of the latest emerging threats, threat actors and attack patterns are provided to assess the impact from exposure across your IT infrastructure.

Strategic Security Intelligence Reporting

Security pertinent events, trends, and issues being discussed at a global level along with links to latest advisory reports published by leading security research agencies. This monthly report is delivered via Email and also published on our customer portal, and includes:

  • Historical Analysis of threat vents identified for monitoring customers to discover
  • Hidden attacks
  • Suspicious traffic patterns that could be an indicator of an ongoing fraud
  • Persistent threat actors adopting low and slow attack techniques to evade detection
  • High level view of threat landscape affecting the organization

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