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The Life Saver

  • Privacy: Daily Breach Reporting
  • Security: 7/24/365 Network Monitoring, Alerting and Reporting

Compliance and Legal risks makes privacy breach prevention essential. More aggressive and sophisticated attacks to disrupt or get to your patient data makes effective 24/7 monitoring mandatory. A recent Hospital RFP was abandoned because it was too expensive to install and effectively monitor their own SIEM solution. It became clear to Paladion that knowing and reacting to what is going on in your network, and stopping privacy breaches, although critically needed, is only financially feasible if provided as a managed service for both security and privacy and specifically designed and priced for healthcare.

Healthcare Security and Privacy Operations Center

  • Real Time Privacy Breach and 7/24/365 Security Threat Monitoring
  • Highly affordable service offering that enables continuous compliance monitoring
  • 24/7/365 in-depth, transparent, SLA driven service at a monthly subscription only
  • Optimised as a Community Model of Shared costs and benefits

H-SPOC – Benefits of an Enriched Community Model

  • Higher level of Privacy Governance amongst HSPOC subscribers.
  • Breaches, malware, phishing vulnerabilities etc. Intelligence shared anonymously within H-SPOC subscribers.
  • Common Privacy and Incident Response Process with periodic tests and updates
  • User Conference to guide the direction of the solution
  • Global Threat Intelligence for enhanced visibility
  • Advanced Digital Forensics and Incident Response capability


The Economy

Financial institutions are always a prime target for security threats, exposed to significant risks on account of security and integrity of sensitive information. They have always been on the frontline of the threat battleground fighting financially motivated crackers, state-sponsored intruders, political or socially motivated terrorists, and malicious or unsuspecting trespasser.

Paladion provides comprehensive and integrated solutions to verticals across banking & securities, insurance, credit unions and investment management sectors. Our expertise is in protecting infrastructure, networks, data and users against today’s advanced threats, while ensuring compliance with regulations and specific requirements.

Industrial Hitch

  • Intentional or unintentional compromise from vendors, service providers, and business partners
  • Increased regulatory scrutiny from authorities
  • Risk identification and management

Paladion’s AID

Paladion assists financial institutions in developing a world-class security governance and information risk management structure as per their individual risk profile, operational structure and corporate governance culture. Paladion’s cyber security implementations help conform to requirements from leading international information security standards and regulations. We help Financial Institutions tackle competitive pressure to roll out IT Security and Risk Management initiatives in very compressed timeframes and overcome the challenge to ensure that adequate strategic assessment, risk analysis and security reviews are conducted prior to implementing new initiatives.


The Networker

Information Security and Data Privacy concerns are paramount as organizations outsource their IT Services and business processes, especially to offshore service providers. As sensitive information such as financial, insurance, medical, and personal is accessed by offshore outsourcing service providers, there is a growing concern about the manner in which it is being collected, stored and utilized. This is shaped by various security and privacy regulations such as GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, OCC Guidelines, FISMA and EU Directives to name a few.

Industrial Hitch

  • Collection storage and utilization of critical data
  • Demand for high level information security controls
  • Information security breach and legal liability

Paladion’s AID

Assist companies in the IT industry in developing and implementing world-class security governance structure and risk management processes that will effectively alleviate the perceived risks of outsourcing amongst its customer base.


The Producer

Manufacturing with its business of balancing trade-offs, is one of the most data intensive industries, where information about processes, product designs, shipping, fulfillment, inventory, and your customers is being transferred. With a wide network of outsourcers, and a critical link to supply chains of many other industries, there is always pressure to enhance top-line revenue, contain bottom-line costs and curb competition. It is to be made sure you meet your regulations and information security standards, and those of your partners too. We ensure that are able to meet these standards, and simplify the complexity of maintaining compliance and protecting your data, so you can focus on your core business.

Industrial Hitch

  • With the increase in web-based open connectivity standard, which are being used on the plant floor and extended enterprise, vulnerabilities are increasing.
  • Emerging IoT poses additional security risks
  • Overlooked legacy systems on automation systems
  • Easy unauthorized operations can be performed with access to control network.
  • Marketing plans, customer purchase pattern, product formulae, and intellectual property, are some of the proprietary information, which differentiates a manufacturing firm from its competitor.

Paladion’s AID

  • Creating and implementing an information security program that meets specific organizational needs and goals.
  • Assessing your vulnerabilities, and finding gaps and redundancies in information security practices.
  • Verifying the information security strength of your outsourcers, partners, and vendors.
  • Efficiently managing your business and industry compliance.
  • Improving your ability to offer new services by securing your applications.


The Communicator

The Telecom ecosystem promises a huge potential for continued growth and opportunities for expansion that would immensely benefit both businesses and end consumers. But, this opportunity is currently characterized by significant challenges such as changing customer needs, industry restructuring and consolidation, fierce competition, transformational innovation, and convergence. Furthermore, there is also an increased regulatory and legislative pressure: new legislations are forcing telecom service providers to increase their level of internal control to ensure they are operating (and generating revenue) at the highest levels of efficiency.

IT is at the core of telecom operations, particularly in IT-enabled functionality provided for billing and customer care. From quickly yet securely integrating new services from partner providers, to protecting the billing and personal information of their customers, security is a primary consideration of all telecom service providers.

Industrial Hitch

  • Denial or disruption of service to customers
  • Unauthorized monitoring and disclosure of sensitive customer and business information
  • Unauthorized modification of user or network information and network services leading to unreliable services to customers
  • Revenue loss through fraud and unauthorized services-revenues leakage

Paladion’s AID

  • Developing effective information risk management in rapidly evolving telecom environment.
  • Integrating information security of enterprise operation and initiatives
  • Enhancing and streamlining information risk management capabilities can provide significant business and competitive advantages
  • Enabling a proactive approach in enterprise operations and initiatives to provide for the stability, availability, and resiliency required for successful operations


The Life Giver

A breach of information security within your organization has widespread implications – regardless of whether the incident was the result of a malicious act, negligence, or simply an accident. For this reason, energy and utility organizations worldwide have been subjected to greater scrutiny of their information security practices. Paladion provides comprehensive and integrated solutions to all segments of the oil and gas, power and utilities, alternative energy, and mining sectors.

Industrial Hitch

  • Breach of Information security within the organization
  • Island hopping or attacks targeting trusted third party vendors
  • Integrity and access to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems
  • Attacks aimed at physical and economic disruption

Paladion’s AID

  • Building an information security plan and infrastructure that meets your specific compliance needs
  • Identifying critical assets and access points to your data across your organization
  • Assessing your vulnerabilities, and finding gaps and redundancies in information security practices
  • Certifying your information security – from enterprise to application
  • Prioritizing threats, risks, and assets of your organization
  • Demonstrating ongoing compliance
  • Establishing a proactive response plan in the event your organization is breached

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