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Digital Forensics / Incident Response

Data Breaches have become a common occurrence and hackers backed by nation states and organized criminal groups have adapted, evolved and become more aggressive than ever before. They target everyone and find meaningful ways to steal your data and leverage security weaknesses to further penetrate your organization’s defenses. The mindset of the adversary is to:

  • Lead from the front
  • Persist and thrive
  • Steal everything
  • Spare no one
  • Break all the rules

There is an arms race between analysts and attackers. Modern malware and automated post-exploitation modules have become increasingly sophisticated. Root Kits and Anti-Memory Analysis mechanisms are now commonplace and often subverts the digital investigation process.


Paladion’s Digital Forensics and Incident Response team is a battle tested group of highly skilled emergency responders.

We have transformed our defensive capabilities into an offensive team that proactively hunts for hackers. We are a force multiplier that can help your organization level the playing field against cyber adversaries. Our mindset and approach:

  • We are a counter offensive team
  • We hunt down cyber threat actors
  • We track and trace threat activity across the deep and dark web
  • We leave no place to hide
  • We persist until the adversary has been uprooted and keep them at bay once expelled from your environment.
  • We have mastered the art of fighting the cyber adversaries that threaten your organization while helping you recover from business disruption.

hands-partnerHow you respond and who you partner with will play a crucial role in recovering from a cyber breach incident. Give us a call and let us explain how we differentiate ourselves. Let us show you our weapons of choice and above all we are glad to organize a one on one briefing session with our customers. Give us the opportunity to fight on your behalf and judge the results for yourself.

Over 80% Of All Breach Victims
Learn Of A Compromise From 3rd Party Notifications

Cyber Forensics Services

Our reliance upon digital means of transacting business presents new challenges to securing the enterprise. Criminals have capably adapted their means and methods to the cyber domain, where they pose real and significant risk to any organization’s core business. Cybercrime has therefore become a growth sector within the underground economy. Today, highly complex networks of cyber criminals from across the globe have emerged to pilfer corporate secrets, rob banks and steal digital identities on an unprecedented scale. Paladion is uniquely qualified to help your organization prevent, detect and respond to these sophisticated threats.

Cyber Threat Hunting

Paladion offers its clients an active defense strategy and approach. Our cyber threat hunting program provides an organization with the visibility to identify the subtle signs of an attack or discover traces of threat activity hidden deep within their environments.

In war, the attacker seizes the advantage by controlling the factors of the engagement. By taking the initiative, the opponent is forced to respond without preparation. However, in cyberspace, threat actors are often hidden from view. In many cases, their presence or very existence is uncertain.

To thwart the activities of such sophisticated adversaries, Paladion leverages the Fidelis Network and Fidelis Endpoint suite of products to provide a “forensic ready” environment to hunt down threats against your enterprise in real-time. Our team of specialist threat hunters will continuously monitor and triage security events received from the Fidelis CommandPost console, from on premise SIEM or next-generation IDS/IPS. Our triage activities include the collection and analysis of volatile data and information from critical endpoints that may uncover Indicators of Compromise (IoC). Once threat activity is identified, Paladion’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Team can provide greater insights into the nature of the threat through the use of data analytics, harvesting intelligence from the deep and dark web or by reverse-engineering the identified malware and/or hacking tools. Actively invest in your cyber defense with Paladion’s Cyber Threat Hunting team.

Cyber Breach Detection

Paladion can help your organization determine with greater assurance whether or not its endpoints have been exposed to cyber breach. Our cyber breach detection program provides an organization with the intelligence and analysis it needs to evaluate whether suspicious network, system or application activity represents a credible threat. Paladion has developed specialized tools and technologies to quickly triage an endpoint to uncover trace evidence of malware or hacking activity. This approach helps our clients achieve economies of scale by examining multiple endpoints simultaneously. Paladion can provide your organization with the insights and intelligence it needs to determine when a costly forensics investigation is necessary. Resources can then be spent more cost-effectively by examining only those endpoints that possess indicators of compromise.

Cyber Breach Response

Breaches are inevitable. When your defenses fail, it is important to have an incident response team capable of containing the threat. Paladion provides a team of battle-hardened incident responders that are capable of hunting for threat actors and uncovering their tools, techniques and practices, to close the gap between the initial compromise and time to recovery.

The modern security landscape is a rapidly evolving space where cyber threat actors are increasingly prevalent and more sophisticated than ever before. By their nature, cyber-attacks are asymmetric. They often provide the advantage to unknown adversaries that are able to remain agile and creative in response to emerging protection mechanisms. Paladion is able to keep pace with these cyber threat actors by leveraging its offensive Red Team capabilities and Cyber Threat Intelligence group. Our team constantly observes threat activity through the use of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) methods, to evolve our understanding of how attacker’s gain a foothold in your corporate environment and maintain persistence. If your organization has been a victim of a breach, contact our Emergency Response Team today and let us help you prevent further data loss and restore normal operations.

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