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Cyber Security Services

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Meet Paladion

… a cyber security company that has been continuously adapting its information protection strategies for over a decade. Paladion analyzes billions of security events everyday from hundreds of its customers placed across the globe. These insights—a warehouse of security intelligence from over the years—powers its Big Data based security analytics models that is constantly refined and updated with real world data.

Staying cyber secure goes beyond just detection. With years of learnings gained by managing response, mitigating vulnerabilities, and closing risk exposures for some of the largest networks globally, Paladion provides full security orchestration through its automation platform and over 800 cyber security professionals on tap.

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Strategies and Implementation Devised to Combat
Tomorrow’s Threat Landscape


Understand how our
Digital Forensics & Response Team tackles your cyber security threats and data breaches – how we hunt down and resolve cyber threats and activity across the dark web
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Industry Solutions

Find out how our
proactive approach to industry focused data breaches and security challenges will help you mitigate regulatory compliance, threat awareness, and legal risks
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Managed Security Services

Keep pace with today’s
dynamic threat landscape with round-the-clock cyber security monitoring enhanced by actionable threat intelligence from ten security operations centres from across the globe
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Security Consulting

Understand how we can help you
develop a Cyber Security Strategy / Roadmap, establish enterprise security metrics, implement the right public key infrastructure, and integrate security solutions across the enterprise
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We bring confident, reliable, trustworthy, tough
security to create better security outcomes

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